It all began in the early 90's, when a scrawny, irritable chihuahua and his feeble-minded feline friend sat despondently on a streetcorner; tired, hungry and down to their last two bits. Suddenly, a long black limousine pulled up and a big-time Hollywood cartoon producer rolled down the window. "Hey, you two," he said. "I need a couple of real losers like you for my next project. How would you like to be stars?" The rest, as they say, is history.
With their captivating pathos, intuitive comedic timing and complete lack of shame, Ren HoŽk and Stimpson J.Cat have ascended to the pantheon of animation immortals.

John Kricfalusi, the "inventor" of Ren & Stimpy, is one of the most creative and imaginative animators alive. In my humble opinion he is the true successor to Tex Avery.
The cel of Jimmy the Idiot Boy is not from a Ren & Stimpy cartoon, but from a Fanta Soda commercial, also made and designed by Kricfalusi.

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opc-ren&stimpy.jpg (42217 bytes)

Hand-painted production cel with color laser background.
Sequence 1 - Scene 2: "Only five more days till Yak-Shaving-Day".

"Yes, you're just in time to staple your diapers to the wall!"

What can I say? The humour of Ren & Stimpy is just so "out of this world", that you have to see it to believe it. What I like especially about this cel, is that Ren has to use two hands to make the number "five" with his fingers (cartoon characters only have four fingers).

opc-ren&stimpy-log.jpg (37853 bytes)

Hand-painted production cel with color laser background.
"Log for girls":  It's big, it's heavy, it's wood... it's better than bad, it's good!

During the Ren & Stimpy show, there sometimes were short "commercials", like this one for "Log". Another one was "Dog Water" (Yes: Dog Water! Bottled in the Swiss Alps and using only the finest, pure-bred dog saliva...)
These parodies are among the funniest animation I have seen in years.

drw-stimpy.jpg (33352 bytes)

Layout-drawing of Stimpy and Sven, Ren's distant cousin, from the episode "Sven HoŽk", directed by John Kricfalusi. Show 3A - Scene 80 - Background 16.

In this episode, Ren believes that he'll finally get to conduct an intellectual conversation with his visiting cousin, Sven. He soon finds out that he was mistaken. Sven and Stimpy become instant soul-mates; they even belong to the same fraternity: The Loyal Order of Stupids. Ren comes home from work to find all that he holds dear to his heart is violated by the two idiots.

In this wonderful layout-drawing Sven demonstrates to Stimpy what fun you can make with your face against a plate of glass. The images of both Stimpy and Sven were cut out and taped to the animation-paper (which was done by the studio).

opc-jimmy.jpg (34610 bytes)

Original production-cel of Jimmy the Idiot Boy from a Fanta Soda commercial, made by John Kricfalusi (who also signed the cel) for the South American market.
The Fanta Soda commercial was the first appearance of Jimmy.
Animated (among others) by Mike Fontanelli, Jim Smith and Vince Waller for Spumco.

The cel is beautifully hand-inked, with various ink-colours, and beautifully painted. I have seldomly seen such nicely inked cels, especially from recent productions.

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