Here you can find the cels and drawings that I bought for various reasons. Sometimes I just liked the image, sometimes the cel or drawing represents a part of animation-history and sometimes I got the artwork for free, from someone who knows what a passionate collector I am. 

On this page you'll find artwork from various television series and leaders.

I hope you'll enjoy my website, and if you have anything to add or any other comments, please e-mail me: hwalther@xs4all.nl

Hans Walther

All images © and TM of the respective studios.

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opc-cinematic.jpg (27679 bytes) CINEMATIC
Original hand-painted multi-cel set-up with key production background from the leader of this MTV-show.
Cel with arm, torch and lightbeam was made later and signed by the animators: Russell Brooke and Mark Gravas. Studio: Brooke Edwards.

I bought this setup at an auction held at the Holland Animation Film Festival in 1994. When I saw the leader of this MTV-show, I noticed that in the setup that I bought, the arm of the boy holding the torch was missing (and so was the torch and the lightbeam). I wrote a letter to the studio who produced the film, and though they didn't have that cel anymore, they created it especially for me. They even included the lightbeam, which was originally made in special-effects, and only half-exposed, as to appear transparent. On top of that, they also had the chief animators sign the cel. One can imagine how delighted I was when my setup was finally complete.
opc-teenagemutant.jpg (45898 bytes)

Hand-painted production cel of Michaelangelo with color laser background.

opc-sonic-walk.jpg (39285 bytes) THE ADVENTURES OF SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (1993)
Original hand-painted cel of Sonic from the DIC television-series "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", based on the Sega-logo-icon.
Produced by DIC Animation City, Sega of America and Bohbot Communications.

A friend of mine (a Dutch actor whose name I won't reveal) is a total Sonic fanatic. He even has the little creature tattood on his shoulder. When he heard that cels of this character existed, he immediately wanted to have one. I got him his first cel (he has several now), and started to like the little cartoon character so much, that I decided to buy one for my own collection too.
bg-tumbleweedtex.jpg (36243 bytes) TUMBLEWEED TEX (1990's)
Original hand-painted background of a small Western town from the Hanna-Barbera "What a Cartoon"-special. Production HOO 615-94075 - background 7.

I know very little about this cartoon. I only saw it once on television, and this was before I owned this background painting. It just might be the nicest original cartoon background I have in my collection; the use of colours, the detail... it's just wonderful.

I combined the background with a cel from the Avery-cartoon "Deputy Droopy", which you can see on the Avery-page.
bg-ghostbusters.jpg (44275 bytes) THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS (1988)
Original hand-painted background from this television-series, produced by DIC Enterprises.

I did some small restoration on this background myself, and was sort of pleased with what I did.
The background is very detailed. Because of the "birds-eye-view", I matched the background with a publicity cel of Mighty Mouse.
opc-femlin.jpg (10294 bytes) PLAYBOY FEMLIN (1969)
Hand-inked and hand-painted black-and-white cel of the Femlin from the "Playboy after Dark" television series.

The Femlin character was originally created and designed by Leroy Neiman.
I love those vintage black-and-white cels very much.
key-Moomin.jpg (43166 bytes)

MOOMIN (1992)
Key-setup with overlay from the feauture length episode of this series: “Comet in Moominland” (Moomin Tani Suisei) by Hiroshi Saito and Masayuki Kojima. I also have the matching layout drawing.
The series is based upon the children’s story by Finnish author Tove Jansson.

The Moomin characters appeared in a daily comic strip in a Dutch newspaper in the 60’s, and that’s why I feel so familiar with these hippo-like trolls. 
I especially like the background with the light effect.

opc-TonyTiger1.jpg (25538 bytes)

Since the earliest days of television, much of the best animation has been done for commercials. These excellent ‘miniature films’ have been made by some of the most talented artists in the history of the medium.

Tony the Tiger was the main character in the Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes commercials, and here is a wonderful black-and-white cel from one of those commercials. I also have the black "shadow cel", which was made to be half-exposed to give it transparency.

opc-TonyTiger2.jpg (20401 bytes)

As you can see in this cel, the look of Tony the Tiger has changed considerably throughout the years, and not just from black and white into colour...


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