Here you can find the cels and drawings that I bought for various reasons. Sometimes I just liked the image, sometimes the cel or drawing represents a part of animation-history and sometimes I got the artwork for free, from someone who knows what a passionate collector I am. 

On this page you'll find artwork from various features.

I hope you'll enjoy my website, and if you have anything to add or any other comments, please e-mail me: hwalther@xs4all.nl

Hans Walther

All images © and TM of the respective studios.

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opc-yellowsubmarine.jpg (16849 bytes) YELLOW SUBMARINE (1968)
Original hand-inked and hand-painted production cel of Ringo from this animated feature starring The Beatles. 
Director: George Dunning. Designs: Heinz Edelmann. Studio: King Features Studios in England.

"Yellow Submarine" is a unique product of its time and remains a stunning example of the unlimited potential of animation. When The Beatles, having starred in several live action films, turned to animation, their popular song Yellow Submarine seemed an ideal basis. The three most important people in creating the film were executive producer Al Brodax, who transformed the song into a motion picture script, George Dunning, who directed it, and graphic artist Heinz Edelmann, who designed the films distinctive and flamboyant appearance.
Often considered as an alternative to the realism of the Disney films, "Yellow Submarine" employed brilliant colors and surrealistic designs, using a variety of techniques, including still photographs, rotoscoping, cutouts and live-action film. The strength of the film lies mainly in its musical appeal and visual inventiveness, rather than in its drama; the film is quite long for an animated feature, and its storyline simple.

This cel of Ringo shows the appealing simpleness of the film. It was shown at an exhibition of Pop Memorabilia at the Brabants Museum, called "Pop in beeld", in Den Bosch (Holland) in 1998.
le-YellowSub.jpg (35266 bytes)

Sericel on a photographic background of all four Beatles.

This cel was made in 1999 by Subafilms Ltd.

opc-heavymetaltaarna.jpg (31858 bytes) HEAVY METAL (1981)
Original hand-painted two-cel pan set-up with matching drawing of Taarna as she watches the Barbarian Leader approaching her. From the Taarna Sequence of the film.

opc-heavymetal-car.jpg (18193 bytes) HEAVY METAL (1981)
Original two-cel set-up of the Corvette from the title sequence of this feature. 
The car is a photograph which has been cut to the outline; the smoke behind it is airbrushed.
opc-littlenemo.jpg (49087 bytes) LITTLE NEMO (1991)
Original hand-painted production cel with color print background. I also have the matching drawing.
Director: William T.Hurtz.

Little Nemo holds the key to Nightmareland while his pet squirrel Icarus is on his shoulder.

A nice cel of the lead character from this wonderful and very imaginative feature, made in the style of the early Disney classics. Though the film was not very succesful during its theatrical release, I love it very much. It has all the fun and scary stuff that a good animated feature should have, and the full animation is just wonderful. William Hurtz was an assistant to the legendary Art Babbitt, and worked on such Disney features like "Pinocchio" and "Fantasia".
opc-LittleNemo2.jpg (18939 bytes)

Original hand-painted production cel. I also have the matching drawing.
Director: William T.Hurtz.

Little Nemo looks over the side of his bed, as it’s floating through the air.

opc-onceuponaforest.jpg (19863 bytes) ONCE UPON A FOREST (1993)
Original hand-painted production cel of Russell the Hedgehog from this Hanna-Barbera feature, directed by Charles Grosvenor.

Three friends, Abigail the wood mouse, Edgar the mole and Russell the Hedgehog, take off on an exciting but dangerous journey to find help for their young friend Michelle, who has become seriously ill from toxic fumes caused by a chemical spill.
opc-ferngully.jpg (41101 bytes) FERNGULLY - THE LAST RAINFOREST (1992)
Hand-painted multi-cel setup with color laser background, featuring Crysta, Pips and some fairies. This feature was directed by Bill Kroyer.
Production 804 - Sequence 33 - Nr. 61.
The setup is made of 6 levels of 16-field cels. Crysta on on a different level, so is Pips, and so are the fairies. The wings of all of them are also on seperate cel-levels, as they were 'half-exposed' in the film, so you could see through them.

The film, which is set in Australia, has an ecological message, just as "Once upon a Forest", and was one of the most succesful non-Disney features. A sequel has also been made. Music for the film was performed by Sheena Easton, Elton John, Johnny Clegg, Tone Loc, and Raffi among others.
opc-greasehand.jpg (29917 bytes) GREASE (1978)
Original hand-painted cel of a hand with a comb, from the opening title sequence of the film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. With a signature of the animator: John Wilson.

Though the title sequence is not very spectacular, and not even animated great, I still like this cel very much, because "Grease" holds so many memories for me. This particular cel appears quite long in the sequence, as they moved it around to suggest John Travolta combing his hair (after the word Grease materialized and dripped down on it).

I also have a copy of the storyboard for the title sequence.
drw-leroi&loisseau.jpg (15658 bytes) LE ROI ET L'OISEAU (1980)
Production-drawing of the king from this French feature by Paul Grimault, released earlier in 1950 under the title "La Bergère et le Ramoneur" (Mr. Wonderbird), but finished and re-released under the title "Le roi et l'oiseau" (The King and Mister Bird) in 1980. Winner of the prestigious prize Delluc.

This is one of the finest French animated features ever made. It is in full animation, and has wonderful backgrounds. Material from this film is hard to find; if anyone can help me find a cel from this wonderful feature I would be most grateful...
opc-asterix.jpg (21911 bytes) ASTERIX & OBELIX (1970s)
Two handpainted cels of the lead characters of a series of French feature films.
Asterix and Obelix (especially the comic books) are very popular in Europe. I haven't been able to find out yet from what feature these cels are.
ltd-gulliver.jpg (38751 bytes) GULLIVER'S TRAVELS (1939)
Hand-inked and kand-painted limited edition cel (1992), titled "King Little of Lilliput". This is cel number 60, from an edition size of only 125, made by Toon Art, Inc. and the Omniscope Company Inc.
The cel was created from actual artwork used during production of this wonderful animated feature, which was made during the most creatice priod at the Fleischer Studios. It bears an official Max Fleischer facsimile signature and the Fleischer Studios seal.

"Gulliver's Travels" was one of only two cartoon features ever made by the innovative Fleischer Studios, creators of the memorable Betty Boop, Popeye and Superman cartoons. "It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Day" went one of the songs from the film's Oscar-nominated score, and to view this film is a happy experience indeed;
with its wonderful "full animation", it has become one of my all time favorites.

For the lead character of Gulliver there was an early suggestion to have Popeye play the part, but the Fleischers discarted that idea in favor of the realism of rotoscoping, a process invented by Max Fleischer. A radio contest was held to find the live actor who would portray Gulliver and be "traced" by the rotoscope. The eventual choice was radio announcer Sam Parker.
drw-mr.bug.jpg (21499 bytes) MR.BUG GOES TO TOWN (1941)
Production-drawing of Grasshopper Hoppity, Swat the Fly and Smack the Mosquito from this second feature by the Fleischer Brothers. Nr. 84A.

This film is also known as "Hoppity Goes to Town", the title used during its European release.
"Mr.Bug goes to town" is an animated feature which is a merry and moving mix of innovative animation, engrossing characters, compelling storytelling, buoyant music and enduring charm. Despite critical acclaim, this classically animated cartoon never recovered from the disastrous box office receipts on its opening day - December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor Day.
Opc-ThiefCobbler.jpg (35748 bytes)

Hand-inked and hand-painted production cel of Princess Yum Yum.

Almost thirty years in the making, this wonderful film was to be Richard Williams’ masterpiece. If you have seen the film by this name on video, you might be surprised to know that it's far from the version that Williams intended. After going over budget the investors got nervous and pulled the film from him, having it completed by someone else. The person in charge of the completion decided to re-work the film to make it more "mainstream", and replaced much of the original scenes with song segments. The resulting film was released in a few different edits. One called "The Princess and the Cobbler" in Australia and one called "Arabian Knight" in the US by Miramax. The Miramax version is much worse because they added constant narration and voices to characters who were intended to be silent. After Disney purchased Miramax, it's version ended up on home video under the original title "The Thief and the Cobbler".

However, I still think the film is brilliant in many places and has some wonderful backgrounds. Buy it on video or DVD, turn of the sound and watch it!

key-animalfarm.jpg (26249 bytes)

Key setup of various animals looking at the remains of a fire from one of England’s most famous animated features. Made by John Halas and Joy Batchelor, it was the first British feature ever made, and also the first animated feature made for an adult audience. In full-animation Disney style, it is based on the memorable fable by George Orwell, which is a serious satire concerning the fate of a group of animals who take possession of the farm where they have for so long been ill-treated and establish their own community.

The film was voted Best Film of 1954 in Great Britain.

The background is signed on the back by John Halas and Joy Batchelor. 
It is a four cel setup, with the remains from the fire on one cel level. 
A little of the paint was damaged when I bought this piece, but I had it restored.

opd-AnimalFarm.jpg (15649 bytes)

Production drawing of a little duck from this animated feature.

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